7 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Agriculture and Farming In Nigeria

I was reading the Iowa Agriculture Literacy page recently and I kept thinking about how it described people’s (both young & old) perception about Agriculture, generally. I remember conducting an online survey some time ago on young people’s perception of Agriculture and the results aligned with what I was reading. The data generated revealed almost… Continue Reading →

Sweet African Star Apple

Some of you might be wondering what is African Star Apple?, it is what we popularly call cherry in Nigeria. The Igbos call it Udara, while the Yorubas refer to it as Agbalumo. It is called Agwaluma in the northern region of Nigeria (Hausa-Fulani). This undisputed chairman of local fruits commonly grown and harvested in… Continue Reading →

In celebration of Women and The Commonwealth

Today 8th March, 2021, two great celebrations are happening across the world. We are celebrating both Women and The Commonwealth. Did you know that Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth States? Did you also know that the Commonwealth secretariat is in London, United Kingdom? “The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 independent and equal… Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!

How is Valentine’s day treating you, my dedicated readers? I hope it’s with some love. However it may be, I am sending you lots of love from this end. In the spirit of Valentine’s, I find it appropriate to talk about agricultural things that relates to love. We tend to give meanings to nearly everything… Continue Reading →


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