Agropianta: Taking the bold step and the challenges faced.

Creating a blog with the focus to educate on agriculture is no child’s play. Not to mention documenting Nigeria’s agricultural practices through videos which would aim at entertaining while creating a cult following is no mean feat either. However, I shall attempt this journey and I would like to take you along with me. Yes, you reading this article right now. So the question I put to you is, are you willing to go on this holistic, self awareness and fun-filled journey about agriculture with me?

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If so, Yay! welcome on board!

I promise you that if you remain open minded, in no time you will become better informed about all fun-tastic agricultural practices in a short time including topics regarding but not limited to:

  • Nutritional facts about foods & animals
  • Edible unknown parts of plants & animals
  • Fun parts of agriculture and lots more.

Coming up with a name alone wasn’t a marriage set in heaven and all those things they make you believe in Hollywood movies….phew!

It got to a point where I began to respect business planners and brand managers whose job revolves around building start-ups. One day, I sat at one of the popular eateries with my mission being to ruminate over potential brand names, ideas, thoughts and how to draw up plans for the platform. I must confess that the ambience of the space played a major role. Eventually, a  proposal was drafted and what remained was to form a team of individuals who were willing  to tap into my vision and objectives for the company.

  • The emergence of the blog name-

One might think the name was spelt out to me by some divine force. Alas, it was not. Inspiration came in the form of borrowing another country’s language in its entirety. I agree now that coming up with a good brand/business name may be one of the hardest part for start-ups in incubators. I genuinely thought about contracting out the task because of how it tried on my last nerve! But thankfully, I persevered and the birth of this beautiful business came forth.

  • Getting appointments with established farms-

This aspect has not particularly been an easy ride. From researching contacts of established farmers, to securing appointments and choosing a date to record took a whole new level of commitment. All of these were preliminary because the major aspect of it was the courage to converse with farmers in their local dialects. Language barrier was a challenge I managed to overcome and I think I deserve a pat on the back for having come this far.

Surmounting the challenges- How?

  • The birth-

Agro Pianta was not birthed by me alone. It came together as a result of inputs from unending research and inspiration from my boyfriend while dining at the same fast food place I mentioned earlier. We initially had about three names which resonated with the theme we had in mind. Eventually, I began to consult friends & family for their opinions on the names. It was more like an entire community came together to create this precious child of ours. Agro Pianta stems from the word Agriculture and the Italian word ‘Pianta’ which means the practice of farming respectively.

  • The recording-

I knew I had to be prepared before contacting any farmer. Therefore, I drafted a handful of pros and cons on why I should be allowed to record farming sessions.  Also, I drafted questions I could ask the farmers if allowed to record and interview; while liaising with friends that speak languages I am not fluent in so that they can serve as an intermediary to converse better with the farmers.

Why I chose Agriculture

I chose Agriculture because I believe it is life. Growing up, I was choosy with food (I still am) and I become concerned whenever I see people act nonchalant with the topic of what they eat.

At first, I didn’t plan to focus on agriculture. I wanted to be heard through writing while impacting readers. I thought about focusing on either real estate or fashion; because like a lot of people out there, I also have many interests. It was simple for me because once I am interested in a topic, all I needed to do is concentrate on it and mastery often comes with that. Agriculture stole the top position because of my uncensored interest in ensuring food safety for others. Let me share a little secret with you, I am venturing into snail farming as I write this (a highly lucrative business that I will shed more light on later).

What is Agriculture?

“Agriculture is not a farming, it’s a feeding”

Reddy Sai.
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According to Wikipedia agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock.

How does Agriculture concern you?

Agriculture concerns you because feeding as well, is an agricultural act. Agriculture is the backbone of any economic system. I bet you didn’t know we are all involved in agriculture because truth is everyone is into it either passively or actively. What if I told you that you are what you eat? I imagine an argument brewing in your mind right now (more light will be shed on this later).

Ultimately, we owe our existence to agriculture.

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In summary, this platform has been created to positively impact you on understanding agriculture whilst making it interesting and relatable to you. In addition. to promote the digital footprint of an African agricultural culture. You might even decide to venture into agriculture if you keep up with us.

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