Happy New Year from Agropianta

What a year!

2020 came with unexpected lockdowns and quarantine. The days where we could hug without compromising one another; hang out without getting scared; attend schools and go to our jobs became something reserved solely for key frontline workers (amazing doctors and nurses). The year made us realize how important physical contact contributed towards our collective sanity. It was the year we began to appreciate our own humanity more.

The yuletide period used to be my best holiday while growing up. It brought so much joy to me and when I remember the childhood memories where I anticipated my Christmas clothes and shoes, the wonderful peppered Jollof rice my mother would prepare to the well-garnished fried chicken and complimentary flavoured drinks waiting to be gobbled down, I would often miss it. Sometimes I even got the chance to accompany my dad to his club’s Christmas party and I would feel like a Barbie princess in my pretty clothes. Anyway, enough rambling about my childhood holiday memories. This year has been a trying one. This holiday season was not left out of the mix and everyone have had to adjust to the new norm of wearing face masks and keeping hand sanitizers at arm’s length.

Growing older, I can say the responsibilities are almost choking. A lot of the sweet feeling synonymous with festivities now seems to be locked away in our childhood, with responsibilities creeping up all around like the Grinch on Christmas eve. Nevertheless, we move! Despite it all, I found a way to get chicken prepared with fried rice to relive my ‘detty’ December days because a baby girl cannot kill herself. Sincerely, I find myself marvelling at the Christmas feeling out there, how chickens appear to materialize into the market in thousands out of thin air in December. Must be something called the Christmas magic!

Yuletide and Chicken!

It’s doubtful that chicken will ever become obsolete as the world grows and improve in the coming decades. If memory serves me correctly, bird flu couldn’t even stop chicken consumption in 2008. We consume varieties of Chicken in Nigeria from locally bred, broilers to cross-bred ones. I recently overheard fellow taxi passengers arguing over the best type of chicken to purchase and someone said the broilers are the best because they are often bigger. Another person objected by saying broilers are just fat with no healthy meat because of their kind of feed. The assertion was not debunked as more passengers also agreed that locally bred chickens have more flesh with meat and less fat although smaller when compared to their broiler and cross-bred counterparts. I will leave you to decide on the version of the controversy you would like to hop on.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Gifting and resolutions

“What the New Year brings to you depends a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.”– Vern Mclellan

I would prefer that my readers are well prepared for the incoming year than make resolutions that one may not stay true to. It is a popular habit during Christmas and New Year to gift and make resolutions. In my bid to give to assist you in preparing for your new year, I will drop some gifts on here that I believe can improve your financial strength in 2021 and in the hope that they will resonate with new year resolutions.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Below are a few platforms in the agricultural space I believe you can invest in, come 2021, that have potential to yield good returns. I did some research and read testimonials but kindly note that all investment decisions are made at investor’s risk. Agro Pianta is not affiliated with any of these platforms, therefore I will advise that you do due diligence prior to making commitments to any of them.

Accessible grants & loans for farmers

CBN agriculture loan

BOA loans

Agricultural co-operative societies [All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN); IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA); FADAMA; African Development Bank of Agriculture & Agribusiness grant]


Online agricultural investment platforms [returns vary with different plans and platforms (I am currently invested with one)]


Localfarms fund


Local farmer(s) open to investment opportunities and their details

Ikenna-farms (call/whatsapp: 08030552467)

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I promise to update this list in the near future when I have done more research. I love bringing joy and smile to your faces and I hope my gift will be useful to you by helping to realize that Agriculture business is worth investing in.

Cluck, cluck, wishing you lots of New Year cheers lovelies!

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