Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!

How is Valentine’s day treating you, my dedicated readers? I hope it's with some love. However it may be, I am sending you lots of love from this end. In the spirit of Valentine's, I find it appropriate to talk about agricultural things that relates to love. Photo by M Sidharda on Pexels.com We tend... Continue Reading →


The first thing that came to mind with this plant is the popular Nigerian song by Wizkid “….ginger ooo ginger, the way you dey make…” Ginger was a popular rhizome (underground stem) among the Yorubas of Nigeria while I was growing up in the ‘90s. However in the ‘20s, almost everyone could be seen utilizing... Continue Reading →

The Unbelievable Lemongrass

I am passionate about what we do at Agro Pianta and knowing that you are there to read my articles gives me untold joy! Really, thank you for spending time on here. Moving ahead to today's juicy bits.. I have made many references to my early childhood and I keep making them, I know. However,... Continue Reading →

Carrots, You Can’t Hate It

I love carrots. I was over 20 years old when I found out carrots are classified as vegetables and not as fruits. I bet some of you probably did not know that either. 7 Unpopular Facts about Carrots I often wondered why carrots appear more orange in colour than actual oranges; then I learnt lots... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year from Agropianta

What a year! 2020 came with unexpected lockdowns and quarantine. The days where we could hug without compromising one another; hang out without getting scared; attend schools and go to our jobs became something reserved solely for key frontline workers (amazing doctors and nurses). The year made us realize how important physical contact contributed towards... Continue Reading →

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